About Us

Premier Plastic Resins, Inc. is a supplier of plastic resins.  We are based in the Detroit, Michigan area, and leverage over 75 years of expertise in the plastics industry.  We supply quality Virgin, Prime and Recycled Thermoplastic Pellets for Injection Molding and Extrusion.   We are committed to providing our customers with competitive pricing and excellent customer service.   We specialize in the smaller lot market for engineering and commodity plastics.  From 55 lb boxes to bulk orders, we have the thermoplastic resin to meet your needs. 

When requested, a certificate of analysis from an accredited laboratory can be provided for all materials provided by Premier Plastic Resins, Inc. We can certify to a variety of automotive and non-automotive specifications. When this does not apply, our certificates of analysis include our internal requirements for each property. Each certificate of analysis will include specification requirements to show positively that the material has met certain requirements.


Warehouse & Distribution Centers (Several locations Nationwide)



Available Products

We carry a large variety of plastic materials from a variety of manufacturers, specifically thermoplastic resins for injection molding or extrusion.  Our manufactured materials can blend color concentrates, heat stabilizers and UV stabilizers into any material with state of the art small batch blending equipment.  Prime Branded materials are available, as well as generic, and even recycled resins.  

In addition to what you may have already seen on the website for onling ordering, we also carry many other materials.  To list a few, LDPE, LLDPE, TPO / TPE, PBT, PET, ASA, SAN, PC Alloys, GPPS, HIPS, and many more. 

We are an authorized distributor for SAMSUNG.  We also sometimes have access to, with competitive pricing, SABIC, BASF, DOW, DUPONT, TICONA, and more.  Click on the link on our home page called "Other Materials", for a full list of the prime branded and generic equivalent grades we usually carry.  If you do not see the particular resin and/or size you are looking for, email sales@premierplasticresins.com 

All Premier Plastic Resins are generally available in two convenient sizes: 


Gaylord (approx. 1000 - 1500 LBS.)           Box (55 LBS.)

Packaging may also sometimes be in 55.1 lb bags (40 bags per skid = 2204 lbs)



Premier Plastic Resins, Inc is committed to provide superior service to our customers, and to offer competitive pricing on high quality resins in a timely and dependable manner.  


It is our vision to consistently provide our customers the branded materials their application requires, or when applicable offering a lower cost high quality alternative material; to decrease the manufacturing overall material costs without sacrificing quality, all while working with a dependable, reliable resin supplier.  

Why choose Premier Plastic Resins, Inc?


  • Automotive and OEM approved products
  • Prime Branded Materials at competitive pricing
  • Quality generic, equivalent, and recycled grades for even bigger cost savings
  • Testing of materials in an accredited laboratory
  • Deliveries in bulk truck, gaylords, or 55lb bags
  • MOQ as small as 55 lbs for in stock items
  • Custom color / additive blending
  • Website with e-commerce / online ordering
  • Prompt and courteous customer service  

Ordering Flexibility

We provide our customer ordering flexibility.  We are one of the few in the industry to offer online ordering!  Simply click the "Add to Basket" button, and you are able to place your order immediately online.  Online ,generally you can order as little as 55 lbs (for materials in stock), or a full gaylord box (usually ranging between 1300-1653 lbs).  If you would like to order in larger quantities, please email sales@premierplasticresins.com or call us toll free 1-877-777-4514.   We accept All Major Credit Cards for your convenience, as well as company checks, or wire transfers.  You can also apply for credit terms by completing our credit application.  Call/Email to request the application. 


We ship products almost anywhere in the United States and Canada.  Most orders are shipped within 1-2 business days, although some materials have longer lead times; inquire within.     

Return Policy

Cancellations or Returns authorized by the Company for reasons other than product defects will be subject to a restocking fee and Purchaser will pay all transportation costs associated with the return including taxes, customs and duties, if applicable (herein Costs). Returned products shall be assessed a 15-25% restocking fee (minimum $50) plus Costs, dependent on the particular product and packaging. Returned products must be intact in form and retain the Company’s identity.

Hours of Operation


Monday through Friday 9am - 4pm EST

Premier Plastic Resins, Inc.
3079 S. Baldwin Rd. #150
Lake Orion, Michigan 48359 USA
(Toll-Free) 1-877-777-4514
(Outside US) 248-845-4515
(Fax) 248-287-4515