PBT Glass Filled V0 (420SE0 Type) - Black 1500 LB Gaylord

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PBT Glass Filled (Valox* 420 Type) - Black


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Quick Overview

Direct equivalent to Valox® 420SE0 Black. 30% GF V0 Rated PBT.


30% Glass Filled V0 Rated PBT.
If you need the actual Valox® material, please inquire: we usually have it available.

Common Trade Names and Grade Numbers of PBT

  • Valox 420
  • Valox 420SEO
  • Valox DR48
  • Valox 310SEO
  • Valox 357
  • Valox 325
  • Valox DR51
  • Valox 508

Check with us to see if the above grades are currently available.

* Valox is a registered trademark of SABIC.
Premier Plastic Resins is not a direct distributor of SABIC materials.

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